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3 Different Themes

The best Boxing Timer in the market for any combat sport like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling but also very usable for HIIT, Tabata and other interval time or round based sports. You can use the boxing timer or create your own workout.

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Friendly Interface

Simple, effective and Powerfull Boxing timer

Quick Setup

All you have to do is choose your rounds, set the round lengths, schedule the rest time and start working out

Powerful Settings

Delayed start, different Round Start and Ending sounds, Warning Sounds, Volume control and more!

Custom Workouts

This is a feature other workout apps are charging you for. We offer you this for FREE!


Easy to use stopwatch with big knobs

Listen to your own Music

Start working out while listening to your own music on Spotify or or iTunes, or just use other music apps in the background!

Concrete Security

Create your own workouts!

  • Name your workout
  • Add Rounds and exercise name
  • Set round time for exercise
  • Set rest time
  • Set Repeat time for all rounds
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Boxing Timer Features

Many options

  • Simple and functional design-
  • Large and clear digital display to be seen from a far distance
  • Bell and other sounds are loud enough to be heard over noise from music
  • Vibration feature to alert you for the start and the end of each round-
  • Round indicator
  • Infinite round option so you have endless rounds
  • Round lengths from 05 seconds up to 30 minutes in the quick setup
  • Fully customisable custom workout section to create own workouts
  • Result page with all the workouts you have finished
  • Remembers the previous settings
  • Listen to Spotify or other music apps while boxing timer is active
  • Pause and resume session
  • Works with locked phone
  • Warning sounds before ending of rounds
  • Screen never goes dimmed by itself

Boxers who like our Boxing Timer

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Boxing home workout

I love the abilty to customize number of rounds, length of rounds, length of rest and warning times. Great for home workout when I can't get to the boxing gym

Franky B

I love this App!

Best boxing timer going and recent update makes it even better


Simple and Useful!

Great App for timekeeping, when shadow boxing,sparring or skipping. I also use it for other interval training like Tabata or hiit. Just set your times,and the number of rounds you want to do,set your break time,and away you go.Very good app!


Best App for Around!

This is the type of exercise timer I'm looking for. I use it 3 times a week and never get bored as it has also 3 different skins.


Boxing Club owner

I run a boxing club when the club timer plays up this app always saves me for backup every time


Custom workouts are great

I love the option to create custom workouts. Only thing I need to do after set up different workouts, just play and start.


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